Simple UDK game test

Player tries to jump from one platform to another while platforms are moving. On last platform there is a portal which completes the game. Main objective for this test is “activating an external secondary camera at some point of the game – in this case it’s at the end of the game”

Simple UDK game test – YouTube video


Side Scrolling Platformer

UDK Game Mechanics Test
1st spawn 2.5d gameplay, 2nd spawn FPS gameplay.

Side Scrolling Platformer – YouTube video

Caterpillar [game test]

A simple arcade game test which is still in development.

  • 3rd person camera
  • turret focus
  • turret fire
  • motion blur
  • ambient occlusion

Weapon Test [FPS game mechanics]

  • Particles & Particle Collision
  • Weapon Test
  • Weapon Sound
  • Bullet Trails
  • Normal Maps
  • Multi Materials
  • Breakable Wall

Log House [3d environment test]

  • 3d objects with collision boxes
  • lighting baked texture tests
  • FPS character controller

Dancing Guy [3d character import test]

  • rigged 3d model with animation
  • particle effects [smoke]

Chair [collision test]

  • dynamic objects
  • collision objects which uses collision boxes

Simulation play only once. Please refresh the page to see it again.

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